G.I.R.A.F.E. Graphical Interface for Representing Automatic Function Embedding

This tool is targeted to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are willing to deploy a third-party virtual CDN service targetting OTT-VOD delivery market. It demonstrates visually the VNF developments, namely the real-time migration of a virtual CDN service into specific ISP equipments i.e. POPs and Boxes.

The Virtual CDN solution we implemented deploys a service function chain composed of 2 Virtual Network Functions (VNFs): the Virtual Media Gateway (VMG - for routing) and the Virtual Streamer (VStr - for content delivery), that guarantee the Quality of Service for end-users on enhanced paths.

After loading a topology, we can configure the User pools that will consume the video content, as well as the legacy CDN network peering points, accessible through best-effort IP traffic. Other Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters can be configured.

Finally, we can compute either (1) the optimal embedding of both VNFs (searching for the optimal number of VMG and VStr to deploy and to embed) or (2) manually set the VNF numbers to embed. The results related to the placement of the embedded VNFs appear on the left diagram within the topology. The results related to the cost estimation appear on the table on the right. Additional modifications on the performed embedding can be done related to the total number of concurrent users. We also display the videos perceived by the users, depending on their types.

1. Select your Topology

Select the Topology to be loaded in the working area.